Mark Stone Mentalist

Program Description for Mark Stone's MENTALMANIA

Looking for that special entertainer, one who will leave your audience wanting more? Want a show that will be talked about for days after it’s over? Look no further!!!

Mark Stone’s MENTALMANIA is the funniest mindreading and E.S.P. show in America today. Mark never fails to astound audience members with his ability to read minds, make predictions, and “see” with his fingertips while blindfolded. He leaves audiences shaking their heads in disbelief when he demonstrates super memory, clairvoyance, and telekinesis. Not only does Mark amaze everyone with his uncanny abilities, he also keeps the audience laughing throughout the show. It’s a fun and thought-provoking entertainment experience.

Book Mark as an after dinner entertainer for your corporate event, as a person to market your company’s products at a trade show, or to perk up a sales meeting. Book him to entertain at your casino, on your college campus, or on a cruise ship. You can book Mark to perform at most any social event you are planning. Why don’t you make your special event even more special? Book Mentalist Mark Stone today!!!

Who Mark performs for?

Corporations and Associations

Mark performs most often as an after dinner entertainer (or as does happen sometimes, after breakfast or lunch).  A typical show is one hour long and involves many audience members as volunteers.  Mark will amaze the audience, be it large or small, with his uncanny demonstration of ESP, and as in all of his presentations, there is a lot of laughter along the way.  Mark can also effectively incorporate into the show information about a particular product made by the corporation or about your association and its' purpose.  Over the years Mark has had to work information into his show about a variety of products.....pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, window treatments, trade magazines, investments, association membership, and bathroom fixtures, just to name a few.  Mark can tailor a show to fit you needs.

You can also call upon Mark to work a booth for your company at a trade show.  He'll draw people in and then give them a quick but entertaining education about your company and its' products.  There is no better way to maximize the potential of your trade show booth.

What if you don't need an after dinner entertainer and you don't have a trade show booth?  But you do have a hospitality suite at a trade show or convention.  Nothing like having Mark Stone make your guests feel welcome and appreciated as he provides an up close and personal entertainment experience for them.  Whether it's just one person or a small group, Mark will engage your guests in a professional manner that will make your company look outstanding!


Are you still trying to fill some of your open program dates for this school year or next?  Do your students need a break from their studies or need entertainment to kick off an event.  Have Mark Stone come to your school and do a show that will knock their socks off.  Mark will work with you to give your students great entertainment at a cost to fit your budget.


It takes a special entertainer to work a cruise ship, and Mark Stone has adapted his act for the cruise ship audience.  Whether it's on the main stage or in a lounge, Mark will astound the audience and have them laughing along with him as he demonstrates his extraordinary ability.  It's a show that is very different from the usual cruise ship entertainment.

Civic, Religious, Charitable Organizations

Maybe it's your local Chamber of Commerce, a government entity, or your neighborhood recreation center.  Or perhaps the Men's Club or Sisterhood of your church or synagogue, or another religiously affiliated group such as B'nai B'rith, Israel Bonds, or the YMCA or Jewish Community Center.  Or maybe a charitable organization such as Rotary International or the Elk's.  Or the Officer's Club at your nearby military base.  Whatever it may be, Mark Stone can fill your entertainment needs.

Country Clubs, Private Parties, Holiday Events, Garden Clubs

Having guests to your home for a nice dinner party and you need special entertainment. Or maybe it's the holiday season and you are having your employees for a party and you want entertainment.  Or perhaps you need unique entertainment for that special birthday party or anniversary celebration.  Could be that your country club or garden club is in need of entertainment for one of their social events.  Give Mark Stone a try,  You'll be glad you did!